Community Birth Program
at Village Health Clinic Inc.

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Surrey, BC V3S 9A5
T: 604-575-7275
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Doula Support

Doulas (pronounced “doola”) are an age-old concept, but one that not many people are familiar with in today’s modern care system. As trained childbirth attendants, doulas provide comfort and support to women and their partners throughout labour – be it a hand to hold or some verbal encouragement.

Comprehensive, evidence-based healthcare reviews tell us that having a doula present increases your odds of having a normal childbirth and lower chance of having a c-section. As such, the Community Birth Program is pleased to provide doula support to our patients for a small fee.

If you would like a doula to help with your care, you can fill out a form in our clinic and our doula coordinator will help find the best match.